look at this picture and imagine me strangling you

Incredible commercial for Shiseido’s old INOUI line, directed by Serge Lutens

There are a lot more of these on YouTube and I recommend watching them all but this is the highest quality one I could find

Robert Baron listened to what Dr. Wimpton and the men from the Public Good Department had to say. He listened, lips tightened, square jaw set evenly against his fist, betraying no emotion, but the threat of emotion was apparent in his steel gray eyes.

When his turn came to speak he stood without hesitation and announced, in a monologue unlike those you might have heard prior to this one, “My sweat and blood have gone into making these articulated cat ears. If the unions and the men in Washington will take them for ‘the people’ then let them come up with their own mechanical cat ear headset. I will take my articulated cat ears to Japan, where things are better and the women are more attractive. This pitiful country of baka gaijin does not deserve my genius.”

Immediately everyone in the room became afraid about what he said. They had no ideas of their own and no abilities. They were like babies.

From Ayn Rand Promotes Anime Culture for J-List


reeeeup portrait of @Hikikogal

Its meee

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in front of the same door, a harry potter looking duck stands wearing sweater from balmung ss 2014



Mikio Sakabe A/W 2011
Photo by TFD, don’t remove credit

I corrected the date on this because it was incorrect before.

More performance art than fashion, but I really liked the images I saw from this show. Sakabe styled his ‘anime’ girls with oversized circle lenses and gargantuan shoes that distorted their figures into long-limbed anime proportions. The aides not only help the models walk, but also to serve as a reference point, a (comparably) normal human to juxtapose the model alongside. ‘Moe’ anime girls are characterized as innocent, small and defenseless, but they appear looming and alien in this real-life interpretation. (That’s how I read it; I actually don’t think a threatening mood was intentional.)

I also just liked the puffy trompe l’oiel scarves

harry potter mickey cosplé fashion style look

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