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Balenciaga by Nicolas Ghesquière Spring 2009

more or less the best collection of anything ever

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When will I tire of taking these. Not quite yet.

what anime is this from

The Illustration Books


now,I have joined in the project “Let’s read Japanese” as a illustrator . here is.


the project have been presented by Oxford Brooks University.the books that I involved have printed and sell on this online shop.my illustrations to have appear in the header of webshop, so you can see that a little bit.this text book illustrated by me(not all) ,  if you would like to learn japanese language, It will be useful for you, I think.

This looks really neat!

Last weekend I went to a local bookshop in search of basic Japanese reading material; I came out with a manga that had furigana, and a translation of Alice in Wonderland. But, looking through them at home, I think they’re both going to be a little difficult for me. (The manga has so much slang and Alice has so much kanji!) and I was lamenting that there isn’t much beginner-reading-level Japanese literature that’s still, you know, engaging.

So, I think I’ll buy this “Let’s Read Japanese” set. I also want to support Kotaro Chiba, who is an excellent illustrator.

Look! I look more like Aaron Carter now than I did four months ago

Respond to catcalls with Bjork lyrics

"Ay baby you look like an angel from heaven"

"I’m a fountain of blood in the shape of a girl"

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